ICOM IC-7600, ICOM IC-756 pro 3, ICOM IC-910H, ICOM IC-3230H x-band, ICOM IC-208H mobile, Parabolic ATV-TX for 23cm

Yaesu VX-1R , Yaesu VX-5R , Alinco DJ-596, ICOM IC-T81 HT´s

2 x ICOM IC-7000 + MFJ-929 for portable fun 🙂 Also used used as remote radio at QTH Djurö due to it´s simplicity and ”all-in-one” functions.


HF: Horizontal loop 80m w. ladder feed 12m AGL, Mosley Classic 33 tribander on tower 14,5m AGL. End feed inverted ”V” for 160m. SM0O active HF-rx mag-loop, 20-10m portable delta loop,

V/UHF: 8 el yagi 2m on tower 16m agl, 5el yagi 2m / 70cm (not used for now), Diamond X-50 dual band vertical (city), Comet Max-N vertical similar to X-510 but way much better in all aspects (QTH Djurö), 2m Moxon rectangle, Nagoya car/mobile and HT antennas

Emotator TS150 rotator


ACOM 1000 gives full legal limit (SM) 160-10m
SM0O rebuilt Ameritron AL-84 gives all HF bands 450W CW, 500W+ pep SSB
Handmade FET-PA for 2m giving roughly 300W pep output @ 50V

SHURE microphones, Tube Microphone Preamp, VKC headsets, SONY earphones, Sennheiser Microphone elements

2 x microHAM USB III radio interfaces, SM0O pc-rig interface for IC-910


2 x 35A linear PSU, 33A switched PSU, 12A ATX-PSU modded for stand-alone service

Emergency battery backup for all services + generator and coming solar panels


REMOTE: HP desktop, P4 3,2 GHz, ATI silent GPU (no fan), Windows 7, MicroHAM USB III, Icom RS-BA1, Telia 4G WAN

SPARE REMOTE: Pocab Pentium III, 512Mb ram, Windows XP, Ham Radio Deluxe, RemAud audio server/client, microHam USB III, Telia 4G internet connection

BUCKET-LIST or Coming-Up

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