ICOM IC-756 pro 3 HF-trx, ICOM IC-2800 V/U + X-band, ICOM IC-3230H dual band FM-station w. X-band function, Parabolic ATV-TX for 23cm, Yaesu VX-1R & Alinco DJ-596 HT´s, ICOM IC-208H mobile

ICOM IC-7000 + MFJ-929 for portable fun 🙂 Also used used as remote radio at QTH Djurö due to it´s simplicity and ”all-in-one” functions.


HF: Full size horizontal loop 80m w. ladder feed 12m AGL, Mosley Classic 33 tribander on tower 14,5m AGL. End feed inverted ”L” for 160m. SM0O active HF-rx mag-loop, 20-10m portable delta loop,

V/UHF: 8 el yagi 2m on tower 16m agl, 5el yagi 2m / 70cm (not used for now), Diamond X-50 dual band vertical (city), Comet Max-N verticalsimilar to X-510 but way much better (QTH Djurö), 2m Moxon rectangle, Nagoya car/mobile and HT antennas


SM0O rebuilt Ameritron AL-84 gives all HF bands 450W CW, 500W+ pep SSB,

Vectronic 811h PA, totally rebuilt by SM0AGD with 4 x 572b and 2,3kV/1A HT, full legal limit 160-10m

FET-PA for 2m giving roughly 300W pep output, running on separate 48V PSU

SHURE microphones, Tube Microphone Preamp, microHAM USB III radoi interfaces,
Shure and VKC headsets, SONY earphones, Sennheiser Microphone elements


2 x 35A linear PSU, 33A switched PSU, 12A ATX-PSU modded for stand-alone service

Emergency battery backup for all services + generator and coming solar panels


REMOTE: HP desktop business model, P4 3,2 GHz, ATI silent GPU (no fan), Win 7, HRD, RemAud, MicroHAM USB III, Telia 4G WAN

SPARE REMOTE: Pocab Pentium III, 512Mb ram, Windows XP, Ham Radio Deluxe, RemAud audio server/client, microHam USB III, Telia 4G internet connection

BUCKET-LIST or Coming-Up

Too long for publishing… mast is now mounted !

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