This is the webb home of Christian ”Chris” Frost SMØO / SAØDIJ

Loc JO99AG Stockholm, Sweden or Djuro Island JO99ii (EU-084) for all HF contacts.

If you found this page, we have probably met somewhere on the air.

If not, I hope we will do so further down the logg !


Short info on setup is found HERE

Modus Operandi >SSB, PSK, CW (or that’s is what it is supposed to be anyhow, I refuse to use computer-generated code)

Short biography:

The interest for radio started at a very young age, with my father (SM3DIJ now S/K) having his ”shack” right beside my crib when I was just a baby.

A Heathkit HF-station kept the bedroom warm and in an amber glow from the tubes. This was in 1971 in Stromsund in the north of Jamtland, North Sweden.


Picture above from Dad´s shack in 1972, and the little guy on the left is your´s truly 🙂

From time to time, as often as I could, I was second-operator with my father Lars-Ake SM3DIJ, and it was the best thing I knew, hearing all these voices from all over the world coming out of the speaker. It was like pure magic back then, and it still is !

Yes, i still get the same feeling today 🙂

He also was an avid CW operator, the kind that could listen and translate the dashes and dots in his head in real time, while still talking to me on the side… CW is something I would love to master, but sadly I have had too little time to get really good at it, so far  😉

My first own ”real” radios was a pair of Lafayette HA-73A CB walkie-talkie´s. Bought them in -78 or -80 (funny, but it was the same radioshop where I would have my first job as a TV-repar guy several years later) and I still have them, in mint condition and in the original box !!!

At last, I finally got around to getting my own Ham Radio License in November 2007, better late than never, right ?

Just too bad I never got to have a real QSO with my dad SM3DIJ, who passed away at the age of 56 just before I got my license. That would have been great but, well, that´s life I guess.

I have always loved building stuff, and to tinker with electronics, so I am an engineer in electronics, even tough I have worked as a full time musician for over 10 years, and toured every continent except Australia…Hi !

I use a lot of home-brew stuff and it is almost as fun as the on air-time. To spend time in my workshop, the creativity and the joy of constructing gadgets and things from scratch is really rewarding and brings a lot of positive energy as well as a great feeling of accomplishment !

For me, homebrewing, ”DIY” or what ever you prefer to call it is a just as interesting and important part of our wonderful hobby as being on the air. I firmly believe that a ham must be curiosity and possess an interest in the fundamentals and the principles of radio and the propagation of the waves we make.

Earlier I have had the honor of founding and being President of the SKØZA Ham Radio Club for several years. Please check it out at: www.sk0za.se


GL DX and CU on the air in the future !

Best 73’s to you all… smiley

SMØO / SA0DIJ Christian Frost


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